Magic Farm's revenue stream

The economic model of Magicverse is strategically designed to ensure a consistent revenue stream for the Magic Farm's Pool. This structure allows stakers to enjoy native coin rewards on every chain, irrespective of changing circumstances within the crypto space.

Diverse Revenue Sources

Recognizing the volatile nature of transaction volumes in crypto projects, we've implemented diverse funding routes to sustain the Magic Farm's Pool. These routes are derived from users' interactions within Magicverse, ensuring stability and resilience.

Key Revenue Routes

The Magic Farm's Pool is supported by various routes stemming from users' engagement:

  • Orb Transaction Volume: The volume generated through Orb transactions contributes to the steady revenue stream.

  • Magic Box Openings: Users minting new NFTs by opening Magic Boxes, provide an additional avenue for revenue generation.

  • Withdrawals from Magic Shards: Users withdrawing Orb Tokens early from the Magic Shards' staking machine contribute to the pool's funding.

  • NFT Trading in the Market: Transactions within the NFT market also play a crucial role in maintaining the Magic Farm's Pool revenue.

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