Magic Farm Dapp

Magic Farm decentralized platform, gives its participants the opportunity to stake their runes and be rewarded in the native coin of the blockchain they farm.

Explore the enchanting features available at The MagicFarm Dapp:

  • MagicFarm: Stake The Rune NFTs to receive a passive income in the form of the native coin of the blockchain you are farming on.

  • Magic Box: Try your luck with our Magic Boxes. Acquire your runes here at the cost of 1 Million Orbs.

  • Magic Shards: Stake our native coin $ORB to obtain those Magical Shards.

  • Craft: Unleash the magic of crafting as you enhance your runes for more powerful effects.

  • Market: Discover the best place to trade your magical assets.

For in-depth insights into our Magic Farm Dapp, check our tutorial video:

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