Magic Shards Generator

To generate new Magic Shards NFTs, an essential and multi-purpose asset in Magicverse, users are required to stake their ORB tokens into the staking machine. Once ORB tokens are staked, the machine consistently generates new shards for the staker.

The ratio of Magic Shards to staked ORB is influenced by the price of ORB. At specific price milestones, the generated Magic Shards will increase.

Users can regularly check the current ratio of the expected Magic Shards they will receive on a weekly basis based on different values of ORB staked using the Calculator located at the bottom of the staking machine.

Staked ORB Tokens are withdrawable at any time. However, if the last deposit occurred within the last 30 days, a 5% penalty fee is applied to the withdrawn amount. Half of this penalty is transferred to the contract address of ORB for conversion, and the remaining 50% is burned.

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