Magic Box

Minting Magic Runes NFTs

The exclusive method for minting new Magic Runes NFTs is by opening Magic Boxes. Each Magic Box costs 1 million ORB tokens and guarantees a Rune of a different rarity. The chance of getting each type of Rune is set during the minting process.

Loot Chances:

  • Rune of Birth (Common) - 54% Chance

  • Rune of Power (Uncommon) - 26% Chance

  • Rune of Harvest (Rare) - 14% Chance

  • Rune of Wealth (Epic) - 5% Chance

  • Rune of Sun (Legendary) - 1% Chance

You can open several boxes at once in a single transaction, but keep in mind that Magic Boxes are limited. Once they're sold out, the only way to get magic runes is through the NFT Marketplace.

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