Magic Assets

NFTs can take on various forms, ranging from collectible PNG images to gaming assets within a GameFi metaverse.

In Magicverse, each NFT is designed with a designated use-case, essential for unlocking specific utilities. Let's take a closer look at the diverse range of NFTs that play a vital role in the Magic Farm.

Magic Runes

The use-case of the five Magic Runes is vital within the Magic Farm feature, serving as the exclusive gateway to its Rewarding System.

Each Rune holds a different Magic Power value:

  • Rune of Birth - 100 Magic Power

  • Rune of Power - 300 Magic Power

  • Rune of Harvest - 600 Magic Power

  • Rune of Wealth - 1500 Magic Power

  • Rune of Sun - 5000 Magic Power

As users stake each Rune in its designated slot, the Magic Power of their farm increases, subsequently boosting their potential rewards.

Acquiring Magic Runes

Users can mint new Magic Runes by opening Magic Boxes

pageMagic Box

Magic Shards

Magic Shards stand as consumable NFTs with multiple use-cases, integrating into every feature of Magicverse. In the Magic Farm, Shards play an essential role by boosting Rune Slots, thereby enhancing the potential rewards for stakers.

Magic Shards Use Cases:

  1. Boosting Rune Staking Slots: When utilized to boost a staking slot, the Multiplier of that slot increases. Consequently, the staked Magic Rune NFT in that slot empowers the user's farm with a higher amount of Magic Power.

  2. Magic Craft Feature: In the Magic Craft Feature, consuming Magic Shards during the Combining event heightens the user's chances of acquiring a higher-tier Magic Rune NFT.

  3. Battle of Elements RPG Game: In the Battle of Elements RPG game, wizards can consume Magic Shards to replenish their stamina, extending their daily farming.

Acquiring Magic Shards

Users can generate Magic Shards by staking Orb Tokens

pageMagic Shards Generator

Elemental Phoenixes

Elemental Phoenixes stand as unique NFTs, offering holders exclusive advantages in the Battle of Elements RPG Game.


  1. Passive Magic Dust Rewards: Holders of Elemental Phoenixes enjoy daily passive rewards in the form of Magic Dust.

  2. Enhancement of Wizard Characters: These NFTs boost Wizard Characters of the same element, providing significant enhancements during battles.

Acquiring Elemental Phoenixes

Users have the opportunity to mint a maximum of one Elemental Phoenix per wallet address. To achieve this, they must reach the maximum state of their Magic Farm. This involves staking all five Runes and boosting all slots to the maximum level.

pageMagic Farm Staking

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