Boosting Rune Slots

Every rune slot can be enhanced by paying the price in Magic Shards.

Price in Magic Shards to boost each Staking Slot:

  • Birth: 10

  • Power: 30

  • Harvest: 60

  • Wealth: 150

  • Sun: 500

With each enhancement, the slot's Multiplier increases by 1. The Multiplier, in turn, amplifies the Magic Power of the Magic Rune NFT.

The maximum multiplier a rune slot can reach is level 5

For instance: If you have a Rune of Wealth staked on the Wealth Rune Slot and boost the slot to a x2 multiplier, the Rune of Wealth will contribute 3000 Magic Power to your magic farm, doubling its standard output (1500 x2 Multiplier).

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